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About us

Save to Coin - a modern multi-investment platform with official legal status

About company

We provide

investors with proven financial instruments that allow us to achieve a new level of passive income in a short time.

Our project possess

an attractive marketing, strong technical structure, functional and easy-to-use platform.

A large list of

investment areas allows investors to choose the most suitable option with the optimal ratio of profit and investment period.

Practical experience

SAVETOCOIN: of employees in the realms of investment, trading, IT-development, startups participation and ICO ensure certain development of the company.

Where did we start

Before Save to Coin establishing, the company's management team was engaged in advising individuals and start-ups on the selection of effective financial instruments.Our specialists elaborated automated trading systems, information and trading bots, implemented various projects in the IT sphere.

In addition, we created cryptocurrency investment portfolios, participated in various startups and ICOs, launched analytical research commissioned by investment companies, and also assessed ICO projects.

Since 2015, we had been collaborating with various investors offline and brought them a really tangible income.