Registration and authorization on the site

  • The e-mail does not receive a message confirming the registration.

    The confirmation email may go to your Spam folder. Check it. If there is no email, please try to register again, you may have entered the wrong email address.

  • I can't go into my account.

    If you cannot log in to your personal account, make sure you enter the correct login and password. If you still can't log in, ask for help in technical support SaveToCoin.

  • I can't verify.

    To pass the verification you need to attach two photos taken online: - passport or driver's license (close-up) - your photo with the same document, expanded on the first page, next to your face The data that you enter to pass the verification procedure must match the information on the document.

  • I sent a verification request yesterday, but I wasn't verified.

    Applications for verification are processed within a few working days. If the verification is rejected, you will receive an email notification in which you are informed about the reasons for the refusal to verify, as well as what you need to do to make the verification successful.

  • I can't change my payment details.

    For security reasons, change of payment details is possible only once in 6 months. The use of the same payment details by several users is allowed.

  • Can one person have multiple accounts?

    Multi-accounting is prohibited. If you identify multiple accounts in one person, all of them are blocked without the possibility of a refund of money and coins.

  • Acquisition of investment package

  • What is an investment package?

    An investment package is your investment in the Company in order to receive income in the form of interest (dividends) accrued on the acquired asset.

  • What invest-packs I can purchase in this platform?

    At the moment, our business model includes three investment plans: "Bot-trading", "Betting", "trading and ICO". At the same time, every day you get 0.75%, 0.80% and 0.85%, respectively, of the investment amount.

  • How to purchase an investment package?

    Information about available Investment packages is published on the official website section Investor. Payment of the investment package takes place in USD currency, in dollar equivalent of the cost of the investment package.

  • How many investment packages can I buy?

    The number of purchased investment packages is not limited.

  • How much profit will I get?

    The potential profit calculator in each investment package is located in the Investor - Investment packages tab.

  • What is the minimum and maximum Deposit amount (investment)?

    The minimum Deposit is 100 USD. The maximum Deposit amount is 30000 USD.

  • Payment systems, input and output

  • What payment systems do you work with?

    At the moment our company works with such payment systems: Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum. In the future, it is planned to use VISA and Mastercard systems.

  • I have funds in other systems, how can I exchange them?

    We recommend using the service -monitoring of e-money exchangers, which will help to find a reliable exchanger.

  • How often are charges made?

    Return on investment is calculated on a daily basis. Crediting to the balance takes place on the 1st and 15th of each month. Processing of withdrawal requests is carried out within five working days.

  • Withdrawal of funds.

    To withdraw funds from the platform, you need to click the "Withdraw funds" button in your account, in the "My finances"section. Withdrawal requests are processed within 5 working days.

  • Are there any withdrawal restrictions?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD. The maximum withdrawal amount is unlimited.

  • Partner program

  • What is Affiliate program?

    The affiliate program is a form of business cooperation between the SaveToCoin platform and the investor. It implies a bonus reward. Detailed information can be found in the section " Investor "in the block "Affiliate program".

  • How to register a Partner in your structure?

    To register a Partner in its structure, it is necessary to specify your referral affiliate link, which is available in your personal account.

  • Where can I see my Partners?

    Information about the partner structure is available in your account in the " My team "section in the"Genealogy" block.

  • Why are there no bonuses for active Partners?

    This bonus is activated from the moment of attracting the fourth and all subsequent Partners to the company, each of which has activated one of the investment packages. Attraction of Partners and activation of the investment package by each of the new partners should take place within 60 days from the date of joining the previous One. Otherwise, the numbering is reset and starts again.

  • How much will I get if I attract a certain number of Partners?

    Your affiliate Commission is calculated based on the income of the Partner attracted by you. The program of passive and active income can be found in the section Investor-Affiliate program.

  • Other

  • Can third parties access my personal information?

    The SaveToCoin are observe all possible methods of maintaining confidentiality for each user. All data is stored encrypted and stored on remote SaveToCoin servers.

  • Where can I find a company documentation?

    All documentation in public access is presented on the main page of the platform, in the section "Documents".

  • What guarantees does the Investor have?

    Investment, in addition to profitability, carries a certain share of risk. The investor should be aware of this.

  • I found an error in the SaveToCoin system.

    If you find an error in the SaveToCoin system, please let us know by e-mail [email protected]

  • I didn't find the answer to my question in the list.

    If "Help" section you could not find the answer to your question, you can contact our technical support. All contact information is on the main page.