Becoming an investor Save to Coin, you get into a special social circle consisting of financially competent people who keep up with the times.

With us you will understand that traditional investments in the banking sector and real estate have become obsolete.


The question“Where to invest money?”more and more excit modern man. Our team provides advantageous solution.

Future prospects

We develop every day and follow the important rule - “There is no limit to perfection”.

That is why in the near future we are planning :

Launching of own exchange

Issuing of new cryptocurrency

Creating of own blockchain

For convenient and quick access to all opportunities of the multi-investment platform Save to Coin, we will issue a mobile application in the near future.

We pay close attention for searching of prospective IT start-ups working with artificial intelligence and other promising directions. We are ready to invest in serious developments not only financially, but also to share the skills and professionalism of experienced IT specialists Save to Coin.