The main obstacle for many are high risks.

August 2016г

Prior to the creation of SaveToCoin, the company's management team was engaged in advising individuals and startups on the selection of effective financial instruments.

October 2016г

“Working in offline mode” Cooperation with the first interested investors in offline and opening your trading Department.

January 2017г

“The first development” Our specialists developed automated trading systems, information and trading bots, implemented various projects in the IT sphere.

March 2017г

At this time, work begins on the analysis of the market, the formation of cryptocurrency portfolios and attracting large investors.

July 2017г

Our team is actively involved in startups and ICO, organizes the creation of its professional analytical Department.

November 2017г

During this period, the idea of creating a company SaveToCoin and, as a result, the dynamic development of the platform begins to come to life.

May 2018г

To diversify all kinds of weaknesses or shortcomings in the operation of the platform, its launch starts in test mode.

August 2018г

Participation in the blockchain conference Odessa Blockchain Summit ( - an international event in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

September 2018г

Official launch of the SaveToCoin multi-investment platform, with its unique financial instruments.

November-December 2018г

The company is actively working on the development of offices around the world. During this period, it is planned to open representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

January-March 2019г

For maximum convenience in the use of the platform, it is planned to issue a personal plastic card for each investor.

April-may 2019г

Launch your own mobile application for Android and iOS, which will allow you to work with the SaveToCoin platform as comfortably as possible.

July-September 2019г

Expanding the range of services: providing crypto-loans to individuals and legal entities, obtaining all necessary licenses.

November-December 2019г

Creating your own blockchain to optimize small and medium-sized businesses, as well as developing your own token that will be a calculation tool within the system.